My Family Is Driving Me Crazy

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Bonita P

I feel like I am about to lose it. I am always at the end of my rope or that is the way I feel right now. I am trying to keep the peace and I am always caught in the middle of the arguing. I have always been the in the middle of everthing.
My son and my daughter don't get along. my Husband doesn't get along with either one of my children. And they are all grown ups acting like kids.
I have that walking on eggshells feeling with both of my kids. My daughter is bipolar and my son has ADHD and they both have tempers.
My husband has had a Brain injury and is extremely moody. He says he is taking up for me and that the kids should not treat me the way they do. My daughter is 21 and my son is 18 and that they are both grown and should treat me better. but he does not know how to talk to them without arguing.
I never wanted my kids to live the way I did when I was growing up and they haven't except for the arguing it makes my PTSD kick in when my son gets angry and my daughter reminds me of myself. It's just Hell around here I can't please anyone and I just want us all to get along.

If I could have a MOTHER'S DAY Gift it would be Peace in the Family

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  • AuntieBear
    AuntieBear May 7, 2011 at 2:22 am   

    I do not have the exact same problems you are having, but I have enough to understand the whole "my family is driving me crazy" scenario. I wish I could fix yours or even give you some sort of how-to cope advice, but if I had that I would use it for me first. So I can't help, but I can co-miserate with you. I can hope it gets better for you. I can be here for you and listen when you need it. It can be on a regular post like this or a private message you decide and send accordingly. The cool thing about coming to our "Connect Family" for our problem listening is that we can step back and look at the whole picture because we are not crammed into the scene. We can also just be a sympathiec ear when one is needed. I am here if you need me.
    Take Care,

  • Bonita P
    Bonita P May 7, 2011 at 4:53 am   

    Thank you AuntieBear, I guess I am just in a bad funk I get that way sometimes as I guess we all do. If you would like to write me on my Inbox I check it just about everday. I like writing back when I am written to. I am feeling alittle bit lost right now without my Mom. Mother's Day just is sort of another day you know what I mean.

    My daughter has moved out and I miss her I wish we had the Mother Daughter relationship that we used to have a long time ago but we don't. I just miss my kids being little. It is tough when they grow up.

  • ahhshley123
    ahhshley123 May 5, 2011 at 11:46 pm   

    I wish I could help you get peace in your family.. I have a brother who is bipolar(hes medicated) and also my father is too(he's not medicated) it's very had because they clash and I also get the feeling of walking on egg shells.. I'm only I don't really think my advice would really be any help.. I wish I had an answer to help you fix it all.. I'm sorry..

  • Bonita P
    Bonita P May 6, 2011 at 12:14 am   

    thank you so much you have made my day. I appreciate you, you are very sweet again thank you.