Anxiety due to a person

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I went to children's services for help with my son due to his unsafe and violent behavior and now they have me assigned to a horrible caseworker who is not helpful and could care less about my family she seems to personally have something against us and constantly talks to me like I'm stupid treats me like a crimminal and talks about inappropriate stuff regarding my son in front of my kids and has them upset and acting out . They think They will Not be able to come home if they go to school because of a remark The caseworker made about my son . The teacher had to put s picture of me in my daughters stuff at school to reassure her she will go home everyday . I tried to report the caseworker but the supervisor laughed at me. I asked for a new caseworker and they refused . The caseworker has me to the point I don't want to go anywhere I only leave the house if I have to . My anxiety is so bad i just want to stay home . I have other people who have witnessed her behavior and lies and I am not crazy. I just don't know how to get help without her retaliating . I went to them for help now they are doing basically nothing :( cs is a JOKE in Ohio and NYAP is BULL

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