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Foxscribe Multitasking. Good for Computers, Not so Good for… “Multitasking can have a negative impact on the health of others as well as the self. It contributes mightily to…”
shell4life My therapist told me not to use this… “I am also concerned about a therapist not wanting people to post here. I also am in therapy and was…”
Jeff_43 Anxiety attacks in school “Firstly has your primary care provided you any medication, is this a recurring thing? If so please visit one and…”
Dr Gary Multitasking, Part II. How to Reign in the… “How often do you hear someone brag about what a great multitasker they are? Or more to the point, how…”
Scow Anxiety when I don't eat anyone else?! “Maybe your just really in tune with changed in your body and since no one but you can completely understand…”

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